Back by popular demand! Rosegreen Players present ONE EXTRA NIGHT of their fantastic production of “The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley” by Jimmy Keary.

The extra date takes place on Friday the 10th of February! Contact Pat Cummins at 087 220 4034 to book tickets!

The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley is set in Aggie Foley’s farmyard parlour in rural Ireland sometime towards the end of the twentieth century. Aggie is close to seventy and is keen that her only son, Gabriel – now past forty – will find himself a wife. Gabriel is not opposed to the idea and, to improve his chances, joins the nearby town’s newly established Drama Society – “The Prince of Denmark Players”. There he meets Hazel, and quickly becomes infatuated with her, much to the displeasure of Chrissie McCabe from the neighbouring farm, who has always had her eye on Gabriel. When circumstances warrant that a rehearsal has to be held at Gabriel’s home, the action shifts into full comic gear, with neighbouring farmer, Liam Gavigan, and Aggie’s sister, Lucy Lacey, playing their part in stirring the pot! Adding spice to the mixture are the posh writer and director, Morag Dellamere, and Clive Snell, a self-important member of “The Prince of Denmark Players” who, co-incidentally, also has his eye on Hazel.

The part of Aggie Foley is played by Marisa Costello. Eamonn Freir plays the bachelor farmer, Gabriel Foley. Irene O’Connor plays Chrissie McCabe, the girl from the neighbouring farm. Liam Gavigan, the neighbouring farmer, is played by Tom Delahunty. Siobhán Tobin plays the temptress, Hazel Myers. Aunt Lucy is played by Naomi Campbell. Enda Brady plays the pompous, self-absorbed Clive Snell, and Marie Lonergan plays Morag Dellamere.

Technical support is headed up by Pat Cummins, Ger Lonergan, Tom Delahunty and Eamonn Freir,

The play is directed by Pat Cummins and Hugh O’Neill.